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"I needed help regaining control of my emotions and my life. I was frustrated at work, drained when I got home, and lashing out at people close to me.  I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to be hypnotized.  I’m a pretty skeptical person and worried that I wouldn’t be able to open up enough to let someone in.  I was wrong!  Kimberly made me feel safe and secure from our very first session.  I could relax and open up and started to release some of the baggage I was carrying around with me.  I started to react less, and pause and reframe more.  Kimberly and I worked on setting boundaries, communicating my needs, and letting go of the past and things I cannot change.  She helped me focus on being present and in the moment.  I learned how to identify triggers and breathe through situations that would normally give me anxiety.  Kimberly is gifted at making you feel at ease and is extremely professional.  I looked forward to our sessions and always left feeling at peace and revitalized.  I highly recommend Kimberly for anyone looking to improve their life!"

"My experiences with Kimberly were profound, to say the least. By the second or third session, I was eagerly anticipating the experience. To be honest, my body and mind got so used to the experience, I genuinely longed for them afterward. Her sessions opened me up in many ways and helped me develop a deeper understanding of myself. I was fascinated by many of my experiences with Kimberly and will no doubt keep her in my Rolodex forever."

" I have always felt as though therapy could be a tool to help me, but I had never committed. I had a few events in my life that caused some anxiety and depression and I was struggling with why I was feeling so down and unmotivated. When I began hypnotherapy, I immediately fell in love with it. Kimberly explained the process so well and made me feel incredibly comfortable. During my sessions, I was actually able to shut off my brain and truly focus on releasing all of the baggage that I didn't realize I was holding on to. I learned coping skills that helped me overcome my dental anxiety, and my self-doubt, and really allowed me to be more present for my own goals and emotional needs. I have since used the skills I learned in my everyday interactions with others, but have also been able to help a number of my students with the things I learned from Kimberly. She was always so calm, warm, and eloquent in our sessions.  I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone looking for a way to reinvigorate and reframe their emotional wellness as it has helped me tremendously in all the avenues of my life. "

"Kimberly was able to take my mind somewhere no one else has been able to, which I didn't think I was capable of.  Her soothing voice and expertise drift you where you need to be to begin understanding and healing your past trauma and fears. I was able to completely relax and succumb to her guidance with ease.  She helped me to overcome issues that I did not even realize were holding me back and gave me the tools I needed to keep moving forward with new insights. Her skill set is invaluable and I can not thank her enough for the clarity it has given me! " ​​

"I started seeing Kim after years of emotional abuse that ended in a very contentious and tumultuous divorce. The initial consult was intensive, as she needed to hear my story, and yet somewhat cathartic as she has a way of talking with you as if you were an old friend. I’ve been in therapy off and on my entire life, which was extremely helpful, but something was still amiss and I couldn’t quite understand why. 


Kim has a way of gently walking through your pain or trauma with you while simultaneously guiding you to not only envision but to build a life full of peace. Her ability to help me recognize my internal strengths, through hypnosis, has helped me to not just view my hardships much differently but how I respond to them, which I think is what I was missing all along.


She also helped me with a tick, of sorts, that I’ve struggled with for over three decades. It would happen the moment I felt unsafe or stressed. It has physically caused me pain and was awkward for people to see, half the time I didn’t even realize I was even doing it. My boyfriend was shocked  and delighted at how quickly I was able to quell that with our sessions. 


Kim is extremely professional and confident and I’m grateful she could discern where I was at and was able to guide me to where I always knew I wanted to be. I would one thousand percent recommend her to anyone but especially to those that have struggled to find closure with medication and or talk therapy. I don’t think my journey with her is complete, as I still stumble a bit from time to time. I’m grateful that she sincerely expressed in our last session that there’s always a space for me if needed. Honestly, my only complaint is that I didn’t find her a decade or two ago."

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