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Returning to the road after a pandemic

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Confidently Unraveling the Tangled Mental and Emotional Mess of Overcoming a Global Event


More than two years ago, we went from foraging for a mask to burning them at the stake. The mask became a symbolic representation for how we were blindly attempting to interpret a world we did not understand, all-the-while doing it from behind the veil of a paper shield. We started hiding out, laying low, pulling the plug on events, dressing down and adopted increased paranoia. During this quiet pause, we were ultimately forced to stop, drop and look at our lives, ourselves and how we wanted to live once we "got back to normal". Inevitably, there is a lot of untangling to do between our former and current "normal".

Humans want a silver lining, a reason. The reality is the pandemic forced us to be quiet and reflect, to begin to unravel the tangled mess our lives became in the midst of our unconsciousness.

It's time to become conscious once again and that means, checking in with your subconscious...

Tip #1 - Continue to listen to what the universe has been trying to tell you

When we've got nothing but time, we can't avoid the loud knocking of the universe trying to get our attention. Whether you call this knowing, the divine, spirt, source, God, we really should listen. Perhaps you have been avoiding something or someone and now it's time to confront it, maybe your health could use a tune up before the red warning light goes on, maybe you need to make reparations with someone, or even yourself. Whatever it is, you are being asked to get honest and the message is loud and clear.

Tip #2 - it is time to weed out your relationships garden

For me, the pandemic was a loudspeaker when it came to who was and wasn't going to be a part of my long-term pandemic circle. As the weeks and months went on, the texts and efforts between some mom friends started to dissipate and eventually, completely died off. When my kids were little and we were constantly at birthday parties, school events, and tiny sports teams, finding mom friends you connected with was golden. However, 5-7 years down the road, your kids have changed and so have your connections to people in the elementary-years phase. Maybe the pandemic made it easy to let things die naturally and we soon realized it was about quality over quantity.

“The pandemic has made us go through a friendship audit,” says Kate Leaver, author of The Friendship Cure: Reconnecting in the Modern World.

Tip #3 - Make it personal

We have cleaned out, reorganized, and redirected our physical & mental spaces. As the world slowly opens back up, it is time to reemerge back into the conscious world. Now, this re-entry needs to be intentional, purposeful and personal. No matter where you are in your life, there is always something you can do to make your life a better-oiled machine. Maybe you need to say no more often without guilt, stand up for yourself, or own your voice when you have something important to say. Either way, it is time to make the next step toward personal growth and clarity.

Tip #4 - Mix it up

Are you feeling tired of being tired? Are you ready to try something new but aren't feeling wildly confident? This time is the perfect time to mix it up: cut your hair, try some new glasses, visit a new place, meet new people. Thousands of people have moved across country, quit jobs, divorced, changed careers, explored new lifestyles; they are loving it!

You get to reimagine your presence in this world. Now it is time for you to get out there and mix it up. Feel the flow and energy of doing something you have been wanting to do. Put your life into drive and head out!

Tip #5 - Finish strong

We have learned a lot about ourselves and other people during this two year hiatus in our lives. This life is not a dress rehearsal, get out there and finish strong! Stop considering what other people will think of you, shrink down those people and opinions which have been too loud for too long. Put the pedal to the metal and finish this life strong and fulfilled.

At the end of the day, did you get back on the road?

We've been given an unique opportunity to push pause and take a 360 degree look at our lives, to truly examine how we had been living. If your figurative car left the road two long years ago, it's time to put it in drive and rejoin the road of endless, abundant opportunities!

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