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No matter how torn, we can always take incremental steps to manifest an abundant life, rising above and creating new root systems.

I fell in love with teaching because I help kids navigate and explore their true potential; I became a  hypnotherapist for the same reason.  With your permission, we take a peaceful hypnotic journey, opening the subconscious mind to reframe a problem and relieve its negative impact on your life.   Hypnotherapy is a silent partner in manifesting general self-improvement and overall mental and emotional satisfaction.

Using the centuries-old practice of hypnotherapy, I help my clients renegotiate their lives and release, once and for all, their worn-out sense of self and old, looping messages from the past.  

I work with a wide variety of clients but  I always include kids.  As a classroom teacher, I help kids regulate their emotions on the surface; as a hypnotherapist, I help kids regulate their emotions at the root.   Being a kid in the 21st-century, specifically in the past decade, has profoundly impacted our kids' mental, social, and emotional wellness.  Hypnotherapy is an organic way to help kids center themselves and untangle the daily bombardment of messaging, in addition to regulating and returning perspective to their lives.

Twenty-five years as a teacher and school administrator, have taught me to listen between the lines, brainstorm outcomes, and honor individual progress and anonymity.  Together, we create and anchor new perspectives so you can fully inhale the future and exhale the past!

I was called to hypnotherapy.  I returned to school (HMI College of Hypnotherapy) in the middle of a pandemic, in the middle of living, mom-ing, and teaching.  With the support of my tribe,   I engaged in 1500 hours of learning and hands-on practicum.  The bonus. . . I  finished with honors! All of this is for you, my current, present, and future clients. 


 Ventura County, California is home, with my husband, two middle schoolers, 3 dogs, 7 chickens, and 2 reptiles. I continue to teach middle school English and medieval history and decompress by cheering on my kiddos in martial arts and water polo, cooking, watching documentaries, and laughing out loud.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

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